MedPartners Inc. Is A Leader In Healthcare Assistance For Federal Employees

We are experienced in helping injured federal workers navigate the complicated process of filing claims. If you are an injured federal worker, you can trust us to assist you in understanding, filing and managing your claim with the Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Program. Our dedicated team of experts will handle all of your OWCP paper work, so that you can focus on healing and returning to life as soon as possible. These are just some of the benefits that you’ll experience from choosing MedPartners Inc. There are very few agencies that specialize in federal worker’s compensation claims. However, unlike others we focus specifically on representing federal employees who need assistance pursuing their benefits. Contact MedPartners, Inc today and discover how easily we can help you.

Full Recovery

Dedicated To Your Full Recovery

At MedPartners Inc. we value your recovery as much as you do. We will never put you in a position that compromises your health by rushing you back too work to soon. When our doctors send patients back to work, our goal is always for them to be 100% recovered.

We Help Navigate The Claim Process

We know if you are injured on the job it can be difficult to stay on top of the required paperwork needed to file a claim. MedPartners, Inc. experts are skilled in assisting federal employees in finding and completing the necessary forms needed to not only file a claim, but to get it done right the first time.

Work Injury Claim Form
Not Affiliated With Any Government Agency

Not Affiliated With Any Government Agency

At MedPartners we work for you! Our clinicians look out for what is in your best interest and what’s the best case for your health. We are completely dedicated to seeing you well and only care about your needs.

We Specialize In

Diagnostic Testing

MRI, X-Ray, CT Scans.

Continuation of Pay

Continuation of pay “COP” in most cases for up to 45 calendar days.

Range of Motion

Specializing in full movement potential of joints, most commonly range of flexion and extension.

Case Management

Meeting your needs with official one on one expertise of comprehensive OWCP case work. We use all available resources to get claims approved!

Physical Therapy

We develop a plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and mobility while tracking your improvements.

Pain Management

We offer several forms of pain management including physical therapy, topical solutions for pain relief as well as other non-invasive techniques that we’ve perfected.

Ready To Start Your Claim

Don’t Allow Your Injury To Become A Disability.
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MedPartners 4 Steps
Know what to do when you have an injury on the job.

Report The Injury

The first step is to always report your injury to your supervisor immediately.

Request Forms

Request completed forms CA-1 & CA-17 from your supervisor.

Contact Union

Report the injury to your union steward as soon as possible.

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