What You Can Expect From MedPartners

We take pride in serving those who serve us all. This is why we have made it our mission to consistently be the number one company in providing healthcare solutions for injured federal employees. In your most critical time of need Medpartners, Inc. is there to help. As a patient of ours you’ll feel secure in knowing that when you’re injured on the job our skilled team of case mangers will guide you through each step in filing a claim with the Department of Labor’s Office of Worker’s Compensation Program. We will make sure that all of your paperwork is filled out correctly and properly submitted. Thus, reducing the overall amount of time it takes for your claim to be adjudicated. In addition, with care, experience and knowledge our medical professionals will assist you throughout the rehabilitation process.

How MedPartners Inc. Can Help You

Unlike other medical institutions and law firms that focus on a wide variety of issues unrelated to OWCP, Medpartners, Inc. solely specializes in federal employees who’ve been injured on the job. In doing so we offer a number of services that are essential to getting your claim approved and most importantly, getting you back to good health.

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

We’ll inform you of your rights and explain the laws and regulations that protect you when you’ve been injured on the job. We’ll expertly answer any questions you may have regarding the OWCP process and inform you on what to expect moving forward. You’ll be paired with a personalized representative who can be reached around the clock to make sure you’re always in the loop as it pertains to the latest details involving your case.

Case Management

Case Management

Our case managers are the best at what they do. They’ll make sure that your paperwork is correct, up-to-date, properly submitted and adheres to all of the DOL/OWCP guidelines and regulations. You’ll never have to worry about making a mistake that could jeopardize your claim due to not understanding the intricacies of the process such as being bombarded by confusing forms and documents. Instead, you can sleep easy at night knowing your case is being managed by skilled and well-trained individuals who specialize in assisting injured federal employees getting their issues solved.

Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment

Health is wealth. And our experienced team of medical professionals understand just how priceless you are. This is why we provide a variety of services that are essential to treating your injury. At MedPartners, Inc. you’ll be able to receive the diagnostic tests that you need, weekly range of motion sessions, physical therapy and much more!

Benefits of Using MedPartners

Sustaining a job-related injury is not only a burden on your body, but many times it can be a burden on your pocketbook. The last thing you should ever have to worry about after sustaining an injury is trying to navigate through a maze of confusing paperwork or feeling uncertain about where to turn for medical help and treatment. This is the reason why Medpartners, Inc. has eliminated the guesswork. Our company provides an all-in-one experience. Gone are the days of searching for multiple companies to assist you with a single matter. Thanks to us the gap between case management and medical treatment has finally been closed and placed under one roof. Not to mention, every service and interaction that we offer comes at absolutely NO COST to you. Ever! This means you’ll never have to fork over loads of cash for co-pays and deductibles; nor will you ever have to worry about receiving a bill from us in the mail or otherwise. Once your claim is approved you’ll even be given gas reimbursements for your travel expense to our office. So why delay? Contact us today so that we can set up a free consultation regarding your injury.

Workplace Injury Explained

Any injury or illness that originates from an event or exposure in the workplace or while an employee is performing a job within the scope of their duty that causes or contributes to a resulting condition or a significant aggravation of a pre-existing injury or illness.

Workplace Injury Explained

What You Need To Know

Suffering from a work-related injury can be traumatic. No one expects to be injured on the job, and when most federal workers experience an injury at work, they often don’t know what to do next. That’s why our experienced team of professionals are here to listen and help with the entire process. Federal workers’ compensation is entirely different from state’s workers’ compensation, and our team of experts are skilled in helping federal employees navigate this difficult process step-by-step. If you find yourself in a situation where you are injured, give MedPartners a call first…We’re here to help.
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Questions About Type Of Injuries

If you have any questions about your workers’ comp injury, or if your employer is disputing your right to benefits, you should consult with an expert who has experience identifying and dealing with workers’ compensation issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as a situation may arise.

Workplace Injuries

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over a million injuries happen in the workplace each year, with an average recuperation time of eight days.

If you’re wondering what qualifies as a work related injury or not sure if you were injured due to work related negligence, here are a few types of injuries and workplace illnesses that are listed under workers’ comp.

Most Common Types Of Worker’s Comp Injuries

Machinery Accidents




Slip and Falls / Fall to Lower Level


Struck by Object


Highway Incident


Workplace Violence